Our Story

About Brittany

My name's Brittany, and I own and operate Holyome Design Co., a creative studio in Niagara, Canada specializing in stationery and graphic design. I run an online stationery shop filled with products that uplift, spread joy, and create space for building meaningful relationships. I also work with clients to design creative elements such as logos, illustrations, and print pieces.
I've been lucky enough to call various places “home”, but I’ve found my way back to Niagara where I grew up and attended Brock University. There are so many things that I like about big cities (Toronto I’m looking at you), but I love the small town, community feel of Niagara. The nature (hiking trails, parks, etc.) doesn't hurt either. 

How Holyome Design Co. Started

If you grew up in the 90’s, you might remember a program called “Greetings Workshop”, a program that allowed you to quickly design all types of stationery including greeting cards, calendars, certificates and more. It came on a bright pink CD-rom and I can vividly remember spending hours making and printing cards at home. 

Throughout my life I continued to make my own cards for friends and family in all sorts of ways, whether it was using scrapbooking materials or watercolour. I loved the idea of gifting cards that weren’t cookie-cutter, but rather unique and full of meaning. In 2017 I started digitizing my designs and selling holiday cards to friends and family, before a colleague of mine said in 2018 “you should create cards for occasions all year-round”. That statement stuck with me and when I found myself with some extra time on my hands in 2020 due to covid, I thought “now is the time!”. 

Today, I absolutely love the idea of creating unique and colourful designs that allow others to spread joy and build meaningful relationships, and that is what keeps me going as I constantly brainstorm and create new products. Read more about our creative process.

Embedded in each product and brainstorming session is how I can lead a company that puts sustainability at the forefront of my processes and production partners. With eco-consciousness in mind, our greeting cards are printed on 100% PCW card stock that is acid-free, element and process chlorine free, Rainforest Alliance certified and Ancient forest friendly, with biogas as the main energy source. Basically, it means you can feel assured that your purchase won’t have a negative effect on the environment! With this in mind, most items are made to order or printed in small batches to avoid creating waste. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.