8 prompts to help you write your next personalized greeting card message

So you’ve bought the perfect greeting card and you’re ready to fill out the inside - but you just can’t find the right words. Does this sound familiar? 

I love being able to totally personalize the inside of a card vs. having a pre-written message (that may or may not fully apply), but I used to to struggle with blank greeting card interiors because I never quite knew what to say! (and sometimes - I still don’t). 

If you, too like the idea of customizing a thoughtful message for the inside of your cards then this is a great place to start. Here's 8 prompts to make note-writing a breeze!

Celebration cards

There’s so many things to celebrate in life, and a card is a wonderful way to capture the moment! To start, think about how you would react/show emotion in person… how can that excitement be translated into a written greeting? 

  1. Start with the basics: what are they celebrating? A birthday, new home, a new job/promotion, a baby? Craft an opening line that congratulates them and get specific on what they’re celebrating.
  2. Speak to the meaning behind this celebration: Is it a big milestone? Something they’ve been working towards for a while now? Is it going to bring so much joy to their life?
  3. Personalize the occasion (optional based on your relationship): are you close with this person and have an inside joke or relevant memory to share? Reminiscing can add such a meaningful and personal touch.
  4. Look towards the future: Is there something specific you’re looking forward to when it comes to celebrating with them? Based on your experience, do you have any tips on something great they can expect? 

For example: 


It’s insane how quickly time flies - they say that 30 can feel like such a turning point and I’m so grateful to be sharing this milestone by your side. 

Remember when [memory on how you’ve spent a previous celebration together]… things looks a little different now but I’ll never forget those days!

I can’t wait to celebrate by [insert the way you’ll be celebrating… drinks poolside? a special dinner? an adventure?]… and for many, many years to come. 

[name] xoxo 


Encouragement cards

Sharing an encouraging message of gratitude, sympathy, or just because can make such a bright impact, but know what to say in an encouragement card can be most difficult. 

  1. Show gratitude: If you’re writing a “just because” note, what is something that you’re grateful for? Perhaps it’s their friendship, a quality about them, something specific they’ve done, or the fact that they’re always there when you need them most.
  2. Encouragement: is someone you know going through a difficult situation? Let them know that they’re doing great - and if you can get specific that’s even better!  
  3. If applicable, acknowledge if it’s a difficult note to write: If you’re writing a sympathy note, you may not have the right words to say.. and it’s okay to acknowledge this!  Don’t be afraid of saying there’s few words that can make a situation better. (However, see point 4)
  4. Show your support: no matter the type of encouragement card you’re writing, don’t forget to let them know the ways that you’ll be there to support. 

For example:


Just dropping in to share a friendly little note! 

This project we're working on has been keeping us busy (and I know stressed at times), so I wanted to let you know that I'm so grateful for your endless support and willingness to jump in! Know that I'm always here for you whether in work or life :) 



  1. The sign off & extra details: this seems pretty obvious, but sign off with your name and consider the small details that can add a unique, finishing touch, like adding some small doodles related to the occasion.

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